All 1 movie Review

-Hybrid music video- -Hybrid music video-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

awesome but confuzzling...

i was blown away by the your use of layers is amazing...and the music started off really good...but then it never really just kind of stayed in this ambienet background mode.
I'm not even sure if there was a story...but if there was it was super what was with the robot? stylistically he didn't fit in at all...that and the chase scene at the end just felt like it was dragging on...not really intense or dynamic at all (perhaps it was the side on view the whole time that did it...aside from the part with the vertical road that the camera moved around...that was good) the missles just felt like popcorn popping or something...not huge intense explosions.
also how did the blue car catch up after he fired the missles so fast then still lost?
i'm really confused as to whats going on...but at the same time its got amazing potential.
i don't know if you were going for the duel 'hybrid' unrelated story motif, in that case it would be cool to know that the two stories were completly unrelated but parallel...or if it was just a bunch of stuff you stuck together...perhaps some clarification in your description would help